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Technical Introduction

PVD Ag+ technology utilizes vacuum ionization techniques to form a positively charged layer of silver ions on the surface of an object. Through physical processes, it rapidly kills bacteria and viruses without the need for chemical disinfectants.

By directly stripping the negatively charged ions carrying bacteria and viruses using positively charged silver ions, they are immediately neutralized, ensuring a 99.9% sterile surface maintained by the coating. PVD Ag+ technology actively kills bacteria and viruses upon contact, eliminating 99.9% of them on the surface.


The Science of PVD Ag+

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Silver ions layer provides a powerful antimicrobial effect


Indicator line

PVD Ag+ technology is also equipped with an intelligent coating wear indication feature. The surface of the cloth is designed with different patterns that gradually fade as the effectiveness of the coating diminishes. When the pattern reaches a specified color, it indicates the need to replace the cloth. This intelligent coating wear indication feature provides safety, interactivity, and confidence, ensuring the visibility and reliability of the disinfection effectiveness.

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