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MedgloryLab is an innovative technology company founded by technology experts. We have invented a technology cloth that can eliminate bacteria and viruses encountered in daily life using technology. We believe that through our research on this technology cloth, we can protect people from the threats of bacteria and viruses, and contribute to creating a better living environment.



We aim to become a global leading technology company, using technology to bring peace of mind and comfort to the lives of people. We are committed to continuously advancing technology and applying it to practical everyday life. We will continue to invest in research and development, drive technological innovation, collaborate with partners, and work together to achieve this vision.



Protecting Human Health

Through the technology developed by Medglorylab, we protect humans from the threats of bacteria and viruses, allowing people to enjoy a healthier living environment.


Cutting-edge technological innovation

By utilizing advanced technologies such as PVD Ag+ coating, we continuously invest in research and development to create more advanced and efficient products and solutions, meeting the ever-changing demands.


Sustainable development and safety

We are committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. In product design and manufacturing processes, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and ensure product safety. We aim to create a cleaner and greener future for the next generation.

White Tiles

We are Users, Inventors and Innovators

At MedgloryLab, we utilize highly innovative technologies to bring you the most essential yet rare safety. As early as 2014, the University of Arizona conducted a study on cloths, revealing that 89% of cloth samples tested positive for coliform bacteria, and 25.6% tested positive for E. Coli. Similar studies in Japan found that within three days, the number of bacteria on a cloth increased

from 3,000 to 5.5 million.

By the seventh day, a staggering 1.8 billion bacteria were detected. Just imagine, every time you use such a cloth to wipe surfaces in your home, you are essentially spreading 1.8 billion bacteria to every corner, which may explain the increasing prevalence of diseases among urban dwellers.

MedgloryLab was established precisely for this reason. After years of research, we have finally introduced the market's only patented technology - the PVD Ion Ag+ coating, which offers exceptional cost-effectiveness. In the humid climate of Asia, our cloths bring a touch of elegance and deodorisation to your home.


We are Users

At MedgloryLab, we offer innovative household cloths that provide effective and convenient solutions to common cleaning challenges. Our cloths are designed with advanced antibacterial and antiviral technology to ensure superior protection against germs. We prioritize affordability and ease of use, allowing our customers to maintain a clean and healthy home environment with confidence.


We are Inventors

In our research, we have developed a highly effective and safe method called vacuum plating to apply silver ions and particles onto the surface of objects. This method ensures even coverage and long-term stability, maximizing the disinfection ability against bacteria and viruses.


We are Innovators

MedgloryLab has developed a unique pigment in our cloth that is non-toxic to living things. This pigment slowly fades over time, indicating the usage and lifespan of the cloth. By observing the color of the indicator line, users will be reminded to replace the cloth before the coating completely disappears. This ensures that the cloth maintains over 90% of its antibacterial and virus-killing effectiveness.

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