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MedgloryLab嬰兒抹布是由我們獨家專利技術PVD Ag+製成,經過國際實驗室認證,能夠有效除菌99.99%。這款抹布具有防菌、防霉、防臭、殺菌的功能,讓您可以放心地使用在嬰兒的肌膚上。特設塗層線提示更換功能,提醒您使用的時限,確保抹布的清潔效果。此外,我們針對嬰兒配方加強了防敏及殺菌速度,並且採用了50%可降解物料,符合綠色環保的理念。讓MedgloryLab嬰兒抹布成為您寶寶日常清潔保健的首選。


Introducing the MedgloryLab Baby Cloth, an innovative product designed by our research team at 科研公司. This baby cloth features our exclusive patented PVD Ag+ technology, which has been certified by international laboratories for its efficacy in removing 99.99% of bacteria. With its anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-odor, and sterilizing properties, this cloth provides a safe and clean environment for your baby. The specially designed coating line also provides a visual reminder for when it's time to replace the cloth. Furthermore, the advanced formula of this cloth ensures enhanced protection and rapid sterilization for sensitive baby skin. Additionally, the use of 50% biodegradable materials aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability. Trust in MedgloryLab Baby Cloth for a hygienic and gentle solution for your baby's needs.

MedgloryLab Baby Cloth 嬰兒抹布

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  • 每包嬰兒MedgloryLab抹布內含有三塊,每塊可用大約一個月(視乎實際使用情況及被擦的表面而定)。普通一般家居的使用可長達四至五個星期。抹布可應用於桌子、地板、玩具、餐具、食具及地墊等等。

    Each pack of baby MedgloryLab Baby Cloth contains three pieces, each of which can be used for approximately one month (depending on actual use and surface being wiped). It can last up to four to five weeks in normal homes. Rags can be used on tables, floors, toys, tableware, tableware, floor mats, etc.


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