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MedgloryLab廚房抹布擁有專利PVD Ag+技術,是全球獨家的產品。具有防菌、防霉、防臭的特性,並且能殺菌,能有效地保持潔淨度。特設塗層顯示線,讓您能輕鬆追蹤殺菌效能。這款產品經多國實驗室實證殺菌功能,確保其有效性。同時具有超強吸水力,讓您的廚房清潔更輕鬆。此款抹布絶無化學消毒劑,亦無需清潔劑,另外布料採用50%可降解物料所製造,適合注重健康與環保的消費者。MedgloryLab利用科技改變生活,讓您的廚房清潔更加便捷。


Introducing the MedgloryLab Kitchen Cloth, featuring the patented PVD Ag+ technology, exclusively available worldwide. This innovative cloth is designed to be anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-odor, and germ-killing. The specially designed coating displays lines to easily track the sterilization performance. Backed by testing from multiple international laboratories, this cloth offers proven sterilization functionality. With its super strong water absorption capabilities, it eliminates the need for chemical disinfectants and cleaning agents. MedgloryLab is revolutionizing daily life with technology-driven solutions.


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  • 每包MedgloryLab抹布內含有三塊,每塊可用大約一個月(視乎實際使用情況及被擦的表面而定)。普通一般家居及廚房的使用可長達四至五個星期。抹布可應用於桌子、廚具、爐頭、餐具等等。

    Each pack of MedgloryLab Kitchen Cloth contains three pieces, each of which can be used for approximately one month (depending on actual usage and surface being wiped). It can last up to four to five weeks in normal homes and kitchens. Rags can be used on tables, kitchen utensils, stoves, tableware, etc.


評等為 4.9(最高為 5 顆星)。
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7 則評論

  • Karena 6月19日
    評等為 5(最高為 5 顆星)。
    Very impressive!

    It’s the best kitchen cloth I’ve ever used. It’s been two months but it still doesn’t smell bad at all. Will definitely buy again!


  • Joyce6月19日
    評等為 5(最高為 5 顆星)。